2017 Black Belt Dan Test Schedule

Master Lee’s Talium

Saturday, May 20th, 2017

Location: New Irvine Talium School

3850 Barranca Parkway. Unit G
Irvine, CA 92606

(949) 654-4411 (Irvine TALIUM’s Phone Number)

 1. Students are required to bring :

  • Sparring Bag: All Students must bring their own sparring equipments.

*If the Student does not own one, please find one to borrow, they will be tested on Sparring.

  •  Wooden Sword: For Black Belt 2nd & 3rd dan Testees
  • Uniform: Please wear your full Uniform
  • Witnesses: All Students must bring at least 5 witnesses to the Black Belt Test.


*The Opening Ceremony will start at 10:00A.M and the Testing will conclude at 2:30P.M*
3. Running Test will be held on Saturday, May 13th at Irvine School.


    * The running test will start at 2:30P.M and curriculum test start at 4:00P.M.

Congratulations on your newest black belts!!




We are proud of all your years of dedication, training and
reaching your highest levels of excellence.
Thank you parents for your incredible support.
-Grandmaster Lee & Staff-

Please visit our photo gallery for more black belt testing pictures

Congratulations on your newest Black Belts!





Dear Parents & Students,

You can drag and drop your photo to your computer from our photo gallery or

I’ll be happy to send you a photo that was took last black belt test and running test to your email address.

Please send me an e-mail with your children’s name so that I can send you a personalized offer.

Thank you!

Master Kim

My email: ockimjdsn@gmail.com