Media Kit

Media Release September 26th, 2011: Breaking News! Record $25,000 Fundraising Effort.

Media Release September 12, 2011: Irvine Taekwondo Students Kick it up

Media Event Release for September 24, 2011: Talium Healthkick 2011

Media Release August 22, 2011: Irvine Teens Win Second at International Tournament

Media Release July 27, 2011: Taekwondo Students Prepare to Smash Boards for Local Children’s Hospital

Media Release October 3, 2009: Master Lee’s Talium Donates $15,000 to CHOC

Media Release September 21, 2009: Irvine Taekwondo Students Raise Money for CHOC 


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Talium’s Mission:

  1. Guide students of all ages to reach their goals and their maximum potential, enhancing the quality of each individual’s life.
  2. Foster individual internalization of Taekwondo achieving equilibrium and making it possible for everyone to experience physical, mental and spiritual harmony.
  3. Encourage students to channel the positive outcome of accomplished goals and internal balance into the community.


Social Responsibility: Master Lee’s Talium participates annually in the American Taekwondo United (ATU) Global initiative “Healthkick”.  To date our school has raised over $100,000.  In 2011 the school is aiming to buy CHOC Children’s a $50,000 Radiology Consultation Room for their new building.

Please see our Healthkick website for more details: Talium Healthkick


 Grand Master Seung Hyung Lee Fact Sheet

    • World Taekwondo Champion 1979, Germany
    • President of American Taekwondo United (ATU)
    • Americas Martial Arts Association (A.M.A.) President 2000
    • Former Undefeated International Champion
    • U.S. National Taekwondo Team Manager
    • Chile National Taekwondo Team Coach
    • Korean Best Player Champion 1976
    • Korean Presidential Cup Champion 1976, 1979, 1980
    • Consultant of World Tae Kwon Do Coaches Society
    • Over 40 years experience, 8th dan black belt
    • Recipient of many international awards


Talium Fact Sheet:

The name Talium has been derived from the Korean language. To define Talium is to think of achieving equilibrium through Taekwondo in perfect enviroment.

TA – The experience and practice of Taekwondo

LI – Equilibrium – balancing your life through Taekwondo

UM – The place (Stadium) where one masters a balance in life through taekwondo