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Talium Healthkick Fundraiser for CHOC

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On November 22, 2013 the Healthkick Planning Committee and Master Lee visited the CHOC hospital. They recognized our school’s hard work by a ringing of the bell and a tour of the hospital…showing us one of our plaques that our school worked so tirelessly to earn. Great job Talium Tae Kwon Do!


Health Kick 2013 was a wonderful success. Thanks to all who came out and supported this amazing event…                    we raised a little over $13,500.00…that is something to be proud of..great job Talium Tae Kwon Do!


Our donations to the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) totaling $123,098.11

2007 – $17,515.18

2008 – $17, 475.86

2009 – $14,140.00

2010 – $20,260.08

2011 – $21,506.99

2012 – $10,000.00

2013 – $13,500.00

2014 – $9,800.00

2015 – $9,000.00


Talium National Healthkick Fundraiser for CHOC


Each year, Master Lee’s Talium of Irvine and Tustin organizes a fun board break-a-thon event to raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC).  To date we have raised over $100,000 and continue to grow each year in both goals and donations.  This event is possible due largely in part to the generous sponsorship and support of local businesses, family and friends and to the many volunteers who make it possible.



Talium Healthkick Fundraiser for CHOC

Healthkick Mission

 ● To foster the growing popularity of taekwondo and meet the service demand of the community with quality instruction, combining traditional values with modern techniques.

●  To teach the importance of community service and the value of positive attitude to our students.

●  To utilize our skills in a way that is meaningful to the community–supporting our local children’s hospital (CHOC)–so that they may continue to offer the imperative services essential to the livelihood of children battling life threatening illnesses.



Children’s Board Breaking


What is Healthkick?

● A board break-a-thon held annually in the city of Irvine by Master Lee’s Talium Taekwondo.

● A fundraiser for CHOC Hospital.

● A learning tool for young taekwondo students.

● An event sponsored in large part by local Irvine businesses and families.



Talium Healthkick Fundraiser


Healthkick Accomplishments

● Talium Taekwondo is recognized as a “Circle of Friends” contributor to the CHOC Foundation for continued large scale donations

● Over seven years, the students of Master Lee’s Talium have donated more than $110,000 to the CHOC Foundation.

● The Healthkick initiative has caught the attention of the World Taekwondo Foundation (WTF) in Korea.  Grand Master Seung Hyung Lee will travel to Korea in April 2011 to present Healthkick at a global conference with the goal of having it adopted worldwide.