Teen Program

Talium Teens

Talium Teens

At Talium Taekwondo our teenage students quickly become friends.  Learning, and excerising together, they participate in something meaningful and healthy.

There are also ample opportunities for our teen students to become involved in our community education and charity program, Healthkick, to earn community service hours for school projects and to lend their skills to others in a meanful way.

For those teenagers who want to learn sparring skills, we have a class to teach them about competition sparring.  We also have opportunities for them to use those skills in tournaments.  Many of our teenagers have been very successful at the annual ATU national championships.

We take the education of our teenage students very seriously, and our skilled instructors aim to guide them through their training in a fun, positive and meaningful way, so as to enhance not only the value of their own lives, but to make them valuable members of the community they live in.


Teens at Tournament

Talium teens at ATU Nationals



Teen class kicking drill


Talium Teens

Teens become great friends at Talium