Sparring Program


Sparring for black belt promotion

Sparring is an important component of taekwondo training and very different from poomse (form) training.  At Talium we have opportunities for those students who want to learn competition sparring skills, and we provide many opportunities to apply those skills in a tournament setting.

From children, teen and adult ranked orange belt or higher, we have sparring classes available to teach students the skills they need to become successful at taekwondo sparring in a controlled and safe class atmosphere.

Learning to spar for the first time can be very intimidating.  We make sure that students have a firm grasp on the process before we put them against an opponent, and only then against someone at an equal skill level.

All sparring students are required to wear full protective sparring gear–chest pad, shin guards, arm guards, helmet, groin protector and mouth guard.

Students are also taught how to spar safely.  Sparring is not about hurting your opponent, it is about scoring points and strategizing on how to score those points with skilled placement of kicks.  When it comes to competition sparring, the student that wins is usually the fit and smart competitor, not the agressor.



Talium (blue) sparring at ATU National Tournament


Talium (red) sparring at ATU Nationals