PeeWee Program


Pee Wee Class

At Talium, we recognize that our youngest students need a little extra attention learning the basics.  That is why we have dedicated peewee classes for students aged 4 – 5 years old.

Talium aims to introduce taekwondo to our young peewee students in a fun, positive and rewarding way.  We want them to feel good about their progress and encouraged by their development in taekwondo skills and manners.

Our masters are very sensitive to the various needs of our young students.  Sometimes they are shy and afraid.  Sometimes they are very exuberant!  We take the time to make everyone feel comfortable and encouraged.  PeeWee class is a great introduction to becoming a taekwondo person for life.

We practice focus, confidence, respect, and positive attitude.  By the time our PeeWee students are old enough to move on to children’s classes, they have learned how to follow directions in a class setting and they are well versed in taekwondo spirit!


PeeWee class instruction is very hands on and positive


PeeWee Class

PeeWee class