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The Spirit of Taekwondo


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With Haidong Gumdo, you are request to use whole body to perform variety techniques.

At our TALIUM locations, we educate our black belts to focus on weapon techniques. Black belts will be educated on Korean Swordsmanship (Hai-Dong Gumdo). Hai-dong Gumdo is an art in which one studies the use of the sword for the purpose of self-defense and overall body conditioning.

The governing body for Hai-dong Gumdo is The World Hai-dong Gumdo Federation which comprises an ever-growing base of more than 500 training halls across South Korea and an outgrowth of over 500 school internationally.

A student will study memorized forms for solo practice. These are very dynamic and grow more physically challenging with each rise in rank. The gradual progression of the forms teaches understanding of how to combine various offensive and defensive postures with movement to create effective strategies and tactics.  It takes a strong mind and body to achieve this level.




Hai-dong Gumdo defense pose


Hai-dong 3

Haidong Gumdo helps increase concentration level than any other ways, because Haidong Gumdo is using a sword.

* By exercising with a sword, learning Hai-dong Gumdo increases the practitioner’s level of    concentration over other methods.

* Hai-dong Gumdo helps students to nourish their minds to obtain patriotism, filial piety,royalty and faithfulness.

* Hai-dong Gumdo assists you to overcome yourself

, Release stresses and refine yourself with hard training.

* Hai-dong Gumdo improves the practitioner’s muscle endurance, reaction time, and sense of balance.

* Hai-dong Gumdo improves the practitioner’s level of confidence.




The Spirit of Taekwondo