Family Program

태권도 패밀리 클래스

Spending time together in family class

In our busy schedules as single parents or two income families we often find ourselves using the television or home video games as entertainment for our children. Unfortunately, children are using these resources to establish they’re opinions on the world and life in general. Too many times we hear or see our children acting out a scene from a video or TV show that has violence and adult topics and we wonder where they learned it from. Though we cannot protect our children 100% from things we do not want them to see, we can help develop in them values and discipline so that they may make smarter and wiser decisions. To do so, we must first live our lives according to our teachings.

At Talium, we believe the family unit should define a child’s ideals and beliefs about themselves and the world. We stress this unity by encouraging parents and children to join Talium and come to the family class together. We believe in strong values that teach children respect for their parents and elders while developing confidence by achieving goals set by oneself or together as a family. This process is much more effective when the child is learning by example rather than by instruction alone. By seeing one’s parents obeying an instructor, working hard to achieve the next belt levels and committing themselves to a goal, the child learns to achieve the same level of seriousness that their parents are exhibiting while in a fun environment.

태권도 패밀리 클래스

Tae Kwon Do allows individuals to exercise in a way that is fun, educational and enlightening.

The Family Program is not restricted to class time alone, children will be required to complete daily chore charts as well as submit report cards at the end of each semester to Master Lee. Completion of charts as well as good grades gain the child a “star” or belt stripe, but they can’t do this without the help of the parents at home. Together you and your child will not only gain knowledge, skill and physical prowess while learning Tae Kwon Do, you’ll also be strengthening your bond with one another in class as well as at home. Nothing brings a family more closely together than working side by side and seeing results. By attending the family class, both you and your children will encourage and assist one another in learning the various requirements to test for the next belt level. As all of our family class members will attest too, nothing brings more joy and smiles to a child’s or parents face as when they stand next to one another on test day to perform the skills they studied together.


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