Children’s Program


Master Lee’s Talium Children’s Class


Master Lee teaching the children’s class

At Talium, we stress the development of both physical and academic skills within children. The early stages of a child’s life are a critical time for young bodies to develop muscular strength, coordination and balance that will help them be healthy and strong during these growing years. Not to mention, their adult life. Our physical development is a life long process that should begin at an early age. Teaching a child how to exercise and take care of their body is something that will be carried on their entire life. Additional benefits of early development include flexibility of the body, endurance, agility and confidence in their physical capabilities.


Master Lee teaching the children’s class

Where physical development is important to building a strong body, academic and social development plays a strong role in teaching young children how to be “true Tae Kwon Do person”. Talium Tae Kwon Do emphasizes disciplinarian skills within the child while working with the parents to assist the child in various areas such as attitude with siblings, respect for parents/elders, education skills and personal achievements. Special Awards are given to children for reaching set goals such as completing a “chore chart” that they are required to turn in at the end of each month, just as report cards are required to be submitted so that academic accomplishments may be rewarded as well. These awards teach the child to take responsibility for their actions, pride in hard work, and a desire to work towards reaching goals that they set. Tae Kwon Do is the perfect tool in teaching a child how to focus, concentrate, to be committed to a task and preserver. When our children learn how to succeed, we all succeed.



Children’s meditation time


  • Improved concentration and focus which contributes to better learning and achievement in school.
  • Discipline and self-control the results in a sense of responsiblity and better overall behavior.
  • Confidence… (I CAN DO IT!)… to be an individual and cope with peer pressure.
  • Self-esteem to develop dignity and a good opinion of one’s own worth.
  • Learning to set and attain goals.
  • Physical skills that aid growth and performance as well as advance coordination, flexibility, strength and general fitness and well-being.
  • Learning martial arts techniques useful in self-defence.
  • Developing a greater sense of community and becomeing a role model.
  • Moral values on which to base strong mental training for entire social development.
  • Meeting new friends and challenges in a dynamic enviroment.
  • Most importantly… FUN!




Tying the Belt