Adult Program

Adult Class

Talium’s Adult Class

For many adults, our physical ability is not the same as it was 10 years ago! Joining a gym can be a bit intimidating when you’re faced with other people who have been going for awhile and are stronger and in better shape than you are. This can make you feel pretty self conscious when you can only perform the smallest set of reps! Trying to find a “gym buddy” is a great way to ease into the work-out routine, but it can be a chore as well. With a membership to Talium Tae Kwon Do you’ll never feel out of place again and will always have someone who is at the same level as you!

Never again will you feel intimidated or uncomfortable as you develop your skills because Master Lee’s favorite motto, that all adults know by heart is:

“It is your job to make mistakes. Only then can you begin to learn.”

Unlike a gym or aerobics class, Tae Kwon Do is not an individual sport and cannot be learned alone. Classes are divided by belt status so you’ll be training with people who are at the same level as you. Often in class, members are paired together to practice kicks, punching and forms.

Adult Class

Talium’s adult class

In a gym, weights and resistance are used to build muscle, in Tae Kwon Do muscle is built through anaerobic and isometric exercises. This form of exercise teaches the students control and balance while developing strength and endurance. By the end of the first month all of our adult members have noticed a difference in their energy levels and build.

Whether you joined Talium by yourself or with a friend, by the end of the first night you’ll know everyone by name! All members of Talium are friendly, cheerful individuals who understand that there was a time when they could barely bend to touch the ground and now can touch their forehead to their knees. Full of confidence and advice, our members encourage and assist one another through each class. And the best thing of all is Tae Kwon Do has no physical requirements to join, where you may be the most uncoordinated person there is, after a month of training you’ll find yourself performing at a level you never thought possible . . . and that’s only the beginning!


Adult Class

Adult Class

Adult class