2014 Healthkick

Dear Talium Family, Thank you to all of you who have supported us in our 2014 Healthkick Fundraising efforts for CHOC. We are so incredibly proud !! We could not have done it without all of you! Also special thanks to all volunteers for helping make this happen. You are AWESOME!! Grandmaster Lee & Talium Staff Read more »

Congratulations Black Belts!

Congratulations to all the newest black belts!! We are proud of all your years of dedication, training and reaching your highest levels of excellence. Thank you parents, friends and guests for attending the 2014 black belt test at Talium, Irvine school. Please visit our media gallery for more photos and videos.     Read more »

TEST SCHEDULE(Irvine School)

November 17th (Thursday) 3:00~4:00 Peewee(All color and beginners) 4:00~5:20 No, White, Yellow 5:20~6:20 Orange, Green, Blue 6:20~7:40 Purple, Red, Brown, All Jr. Black 7:40~9:00 All Teen And Adult No Class on November 17th (Thursday)~!!! Read more »

Korea Trip

The planning is well under way for Talium’s annual Korea Trip.  We invite you all to consider this exciting and extraordinary opportunity–discover the birthplace of taekwondo and discover Korea with your fellow classmates and Grand Master Lee.       Departing July 3rd 9 nights/10 days. More details to come!     Read more »

Black Belt Patch Test

      Black Belt  Patch Test 2nd, 3rd DAN Date : March 30(Saturday) Time : 6:30(pm) – 9:00(pm) 1st DAN Date : March 26(Tue) Time : 2:30(pm)- 5:30(pm)   WHERE : TALIUM IRVINE SCHOOL   Read more »

Color Belt Test(Irvine School)

  TEST SCHEDULE October 27th (Thursday) 3:00~3:45 Peewee(All color and beginners) 3:45~5:00 No, White, Yellow 5:00~6:20 Orange, Green, Blue 6:20~7:40 Purple, Red, Brown, All Jr. Black 7:40~9:00 All Teen And Adult No Class on October 27th (Thursday)~!!!               Read more »