Be Loyal to Your Country

All taekwondo people are taught to appreciate and be loyal to their country. We live in a world where selfishness seems to be the rule of the day, and personal gain the objective of most relationships and endeavors. One of the most honorable Taekwondo character traits a person can develop is the ability to be loyal, whether to family, friends, or country to which we may belong. You must be willing to allow your own interests to take second place to be truly loyal to another or cause.

Loyalty is simply the act of putting someone or something else ahead of one self. You may not be running for congress, senate or the presidency but we can be active to make our world a better place. Be active in the community, help others, pick up trash from the ground when you see it, hold a door for someone, smile at others, say hello to someone passing by, offer help to someone in need. Be part of your community watch, look out for others not only yourself. Being loyal to a friend or your own family can also require sacrifice.

Taekwondo students also are taught to respect Korea. This is the country where taekwondo began. As you know, if there was no Korea, there would be no taekwondo for us to practice. The greatest masters teaching in the United States all came from Korea. As a taekwondo student, you will learn lots of interesting things about Korea and its history and culture (culture has to do with the way people live).

You also will learn how to count in Korean, and many of the names of the techniques you hear about in class will be in Korean. If you are lucky, your master/instructor might even introduce you to Korean food. So, it is important that you respect Korea as the place where your master and your art of taekwondo came from.

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