Being a Black Belt

A black belt must set an example for how others around him or her ought to behave. He has little fear of being harmed by bullies and is more interested in helping weak or needy people. Being a black belt is a great honor. However, it is also a responsibility.

When you become a black belt, the reputation of your taekwondo master, your school TALIUM, your art, as well as yourself, all depend on your good behavior. Others in your school and outside it will think of you as a very important person. You will have accomplished something great, and people will try to copy your behavior. This means you must always act in a way that makes you feel comfortable and your taekwondo master proud.

Taekwondo students are required to help their parents as much as possible. But taekwondo also teaches you to think independently. This means being able to decide what is right and wrong, and to act in a way that is right, without having to ask a grown-up for help.

If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry. Your master is not only a teacher but your friend. He will be there to guide you as you get better and better in taekwondo and when you have questions, about life in or out of TALIUM, he will be there to help.