Black Belts would not spend so much time developing it, and opponents would not try so hard to break it, if concentration was not important. To be a winner, you must

Talium students learn meditation techniques.

concentrate on the individual match or the performance of your form. Concentrate on every move, every technique, with such intensity that you can not be distracted into making a mistake. Concentrate totally on what you are doing and you will be in a better position to succeed.

Intense concentration, applying your mental powers, is a trait that must become habit to you. You’ll need it throughout your training, especially in pressured situations. It shields you form intimidation. It prevents you from becoming rattled or distracted by pressure from an individual or a group.

Everyone can improve concentration. Basically, concentration is simply a matter of saying to yourself, “I will concentrate on this!”, and then block out everything eles. Concentration is simply a matter of, for a few seconds, thinking of performing a flawless technique and ignoring everything else. That is something anyone can do.

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