Be Loving and Show Fidelity to Your Parents

Respect is one of the most important parts of taekwondo. Above all, taekwondo practitioners must respect themselves. Bad things like drugs, alcohol, abu- sive language or bad behavior have no place in the life of a taekwondo person. When you respect for a person, including yourself, it means that you have a feeling of honor for them. Someone who respects himself would always act in ways that brings honor to himself, his family and friends. Someone who does not respect himself does not care about his mind or body. He or she probably doesn’t try very hard in school and doesn’t worry about important things like staying to others. You will learn as a result of your training that the more you show respect to others, the more they will respect you. Taekwondo people must know a lot about history. The history of your country, of your art of taekwondo and of yourself. Often, we forget how much support our parents have given us and may not appreciate them. Your parents work every day to make a better life for you and your family. If your mother or father come home tired, you should be patient and do everything you can to make both of them more comfortable. If you come home before them, for instance, you should make sure they come home to a house or apartment that is neat and clean. If you do everything possible to make your parents lives easier, you find that they appreciate your efforts. As one result, they will trust you and treat you more as a grown up than a kid. As we have said before, a taekwondo person must set an example for how others should behave. You must therefore always be respectful to your parents. In the long run, the respect you show your parents will lead to a healthier, happier life for everyone.