TEST SCHEDULE(Irvine School)

November 17th (Thursday) 3:00~4:00 Peewee(All color and beginners) 4:00~5:20 No, White, Yellow 5:20~6:20 Orange, Green, Blue 6:20~7:40 Purple, Red, Brown, All Jr. Black 7:40~9:00 All Teen And Adult No Class on November 17th (Thursday)~!!! Read more »

Korea Trip

The planning is well under way for Talium’s annual Korea Trip.  We invite you all to consider this exciting and extraordinary opportunity–discover the birthplace of taekwondo and discover Korea with your fellow classmates and Grand Master Lee.       Departing July 3rd 9 nights/10 days. More details to come!     Read more »

Black Belt Patch Test

      Black Belt  Patch Test 2nd, 3rd DAN Date : March 30(Saturday) Time : 6:30(pm) – 9:00(pm) 1st DAN Date : March 26(Tue) Time : 2:30(pm)- 5:30(pm)   WHERE : TALIUM IRVINE SCHOOL   Read more »

Color Belt Test(Irvine School)

  TEST SCHEDULE October 27th (Thursday) 3:00~3:45 Peewee(All color and beginners) 3:45~5:00 No, White, Yellow 5:00~6:20 Orange, Green, Blue 6:20~7:40 Purple, Red, Brown, All Jr. Black 7:40~9:00 All Teen And Adult No Class on October 27th (Thursday)~!!!               Read more »

Media Release

Media Release

Irvine Taekwondo Students Kick it up, Breaking Boards for Radiology Room at Orange County Children’s Hospital – CHOC Master Lee’s Talium Taekwondo plans their annual Healthkick board break-a-thon, to raise money for local Children’s Hospital for Saturday September 24th, 2011. The goal is $50,000 to fund a radiology consultation room in the Hospital’s new building. […] Read more »

Taekwondo Competition

As you get better in taekwondo, you may want to get experience as a competitor. Taekwondo competition is safe and fun, but you’ll have to practice a lot to be ready. You’ll also have to know the rules of taek- wondo competition. There are two ways to compete: in forms and sparring. During forms competition, […] Read more »

Be Loyal to Your Country

All taekwondo people are taught to appreciate and be loyal to their country. We live in a world where selfishness seems to be the rule of the day, and personal gain the objective of most relationships and endeavors. One of the most honorable Taekwondo character traits a person can develop is the ability to be […] Read more »

Broadcom rep. Vafa Rakshani with Grand Master Lee

  Photo by: Sonya Versluys   Broadcom has been a valuable supporter of our Healthkick fundraiser for CHOC since we began the program four years ago.  They continue to offer their support for us, to the Children’s Miracle Network, and to The CHOC Foundation.   Thank you Broadcom! Read more »